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Low-Income Australians To Receive One-Off Lump Of Coal, To Help Offset Threat Of Renewables

Over 4 million Australians are set to receive a one-off hand-out of coal, as part of a special budget-night sweetener to help offset the threat of renewable energy.

Handing down his first federal budget on Tuesday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the coal was a core policy of the Morrison Government. “It’s a signature policy. As in, Scott Morrison will literally sign each piece of coal,” Mr Frydenberg said.

The coal which will be inscribed with Mr Morrison’s famous words: ‘Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you. It’s coal’  – is expected to be delivered to age pensioners, people on the Disability Support Pension, veterans, carers, single parents and voters in marginal seats in time for the Federal Election.

‘We need to remind voters that renewable energy does not build coal powered stations,” the Treasurer noted, denying that the initiative was a grab for votes in the lead up to the election.

By Paul Dovas

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