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Only 80% Of Australians Are Wellness Bloggers, New Jobs Figures Show

Surprising new employment figures released today have revealed that only four in five Australians have a wellness blog or app.

The data means that there are around two million Australians who are not providing advice on how to live your best life, leading to fears of a content shortage in the future.

Social researcher Miles Greesham said that with only sixteen million blogs, websites, Instagram accounts and podcasts to use as a resource, it was hard to know where Australians were getting the advice they needed to nourish their body, mind and spirit and restore balance in their lives.  

“Just speaking from personal experience, I followed one of the rare wellness blogs out there – drinking 280 litres of water a day for 90 days. But now that the 90 days is up, what do I do next? And where’s the nearest bathroom?” he said.  

He said the shortage represented an opportunity for enterprising new wellness bloggers to enter the industry. “If you’ve made up some theories about how to improve health, or you have a joke diet that you thought no-one would take seriously, now could be a great time to launch it to the market”.

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