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Claims Pauline Hanson Read Book About Port Arthur Massacre Dismissed As ‘Ridiculous’

Pauline Hanson’s claims that she once read a book about the Port Arthur massacre have been described as nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory that can be immediately debunked.

“The idea that Pauline Hanson read a book is just absurd. It really is silly,” literature expert Jeremy McDonald said.  

“People might want to believe that this happened, but you just need to think about it for a few minutes to realise it’s a hoax.

“I mean, think about all the things that would have had to have happened for this to be true. First, she would have needed to have known that books exist. Then she would have had to have bought a book, opened the book, then actually read the book. Come on!”

Conspiracy theory expert Rita Mane said it was one of the more farcical claims she had come across in her career. “I’ve heard a lot of very weird claims in my time. But the idea that Pauline Hanson has taken time out to read a book is up there with the strangest. I think we can dismiss this just based on common sense”.

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