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“I Was Concerned Negative Muslim Sentiment Was Taking Focus Away From African Gangs” Morrison Says

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has clarified his alleged comments from a 2010 shadow cabinet meeting, saying he was simply concerned that the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment was taking away focus African gangs.

“I didn’t want to exploit anti Muslim sentiment; I wanted to calm it,” an exasperated Morrison explained. “How can you incite fears about African gangs when everyone is talking about Muslims?”

Morrison said he was concerned that voters would not appreciate the difference between ‘violent’ migrants from Africa and ‘evil’ asylum seekers from the Middle East, which only pose a threat to national security when they are in need of urgent medical treatment.

“I love Muslims. I’ve hugged a Muslim before. So it was really important that we calm down that anti-Muslim sentiment. Especially when you’ve got key marginals in Melbourne that you can scare by talking about Africans”.

Mr Morrison passionately said he wasn’t racist. “I’ve got friends who aren’t racist”.


Paul Dovas

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