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New Anti-Vaccination Seminar To Cut Out Middle-Man And Just Inject Participants Directly With Measles 

Claiming to be the most efficient way to get information about not vaccinating your family, a new series of seminars in Australia will include a special practical component where attendees are injected directly with measles as part of the admission price.  

Event organiser Alishya Starlight said that while most anti-vax sessions provided useful information about shirking your responsibility to society, they didn’t create the full anti-vaxxer experience.

“A lot of people attend anti-vax information sessions and then have to wait around for weeks until they contract an infectious disease. We say, why wait! At our events, you’ll not only leave with your head filled with bullshit, you’ll walk away with a range of infectious rashes all of your body too!” she said.  

Tickets for the event start at $2,000, with VIP seats priced at $5000 for those who want a more intimate infectious experience. “We also have a Platinum option for those who want to experiment with polio,” Starlight said.

She said she always encouraged attendees to tell their friends and family about what they had learnt at the event. “We want this to go viral!”

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