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Barnaby Joyce Says Nationals Not Married To Liberal Party. “We Just Get Together To Fuck Australians Once In A While”

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says his party’s relationship with the Liberal Party is more of an MP-staffer style arrangement than a proper marriage.

“It’s very casual. We don’t really take it too seriously – it’s more about rooting rural voters when no-one’s watching,” he said.

He said he was very much married to the idea of his own self-advancement, but that the Liberal Party was just his bit on the side. “I’d describe it as opportunistic rather than a set-in-stone arrangement. If we have a free afternoon, sure, we’ll get together and fuck a local community. But our life-long commitment is to ourselves”.

He said that, above all else, two political parties getting married went against his values. “The Bible says marriage is between a man and a women and the man’s young political staffer. It doesn’t say anything about political parties getting married – that’s just weird. So, yeah, this is definitely more of a fling”.

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