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Australians Not Frightened Enough, Government Says

Australians are not displaying the levels of fear required of them in an election year, Scott Morrison has warned.

With an election just months away, Mr Morrison told a media conference that too many Australians were complacent about the imminent threats that surrounded them every day.

“When you wake up each morning, I want you to ask yourself, ‘what scares me?’” Mr Morrison said.

“Are you thinking enough about terrorism? Too many Australians don’t think enough about terrorism.

“Are you thinking more about how a dying asylum seeker could sneak up behind you and kill you while you’re not watching? It happens.   

“Have you thought about the ice epidemic today? Didn’t think so”.

“What about the gangs? They’re everywhere”.

Morrison warned that Australia would only get more dangerous in the lead up to the May election.

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