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Gillette Releases Cute New ‘Pink Lady Razor’ As Part Of Bold New #MeToo Campaign

Saying it wanted to ‘challenge men to think about the way they treat women’, social justice company Gillette has released a cute new pack of pink razors, especially designed for the ladies.

At a special launch of the new product, a Gillette spokesperson said the company was excited about changing the conversation around gender. “For too long men have turned a blind eye to the sexism that surrounds them. And the new Daisy Venus Embrace pink razor is just gorgeous. Am I right girls?”

He said it was important for men to understand that they need to treat women equally, and that the new pink razors would cost 15% more than the blue version of the product.

As part of the special campaign that leverages the sentiment of the #metoo movement, 100% of all proceeds from the new razors will go directly to the company’s bottom line.

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