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Man complaining about hot cross buns in January yet to realise he doesn’t have to buy them

A Melbourne man who has spent most of last year complaining about how hot cross buns are already on supermarket shelves, is yet to realise he has total control over what he chooses to buy.

“I wish I had some power over this matter,” Gerald Bridgestone said, begrudgingly filling his trolley with hot cross buns for the second week in a row

In a furious letter to the editor – his fifth for the year on the topic so far – Mr Bridgestone said it was outrageous that the buns were available for sale more than three months before Easter, forcing him to eat the fruit-filled buns well before he was ready.

“As I’ve told my friends and family and random people in the street, it’s just not right that there should be a product for sale in the supermarket aisle that doesn’t fit with my timing expectations,” Mr Bridgestone said.

He said selling hot cross buns in January diminished the religious significance of Easter. “As we all know, Jesus’s disciples waited until Easter Sunday until they nipped down the shops to buy their first half-dozen hot cross buns for the season”.

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