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Standing Right Next To Baggage Carousel Makes Luggage Arrive Faster, Study Shows

Standing as close as you can to the baggage carousel at an airport is the best way to speed up your luggage’s arrival, new research shows.

The study found that standing in a position that makes it impossible for other people to see or access their luggage influences how quickly your baggage is transferred from the plane to the terminal.

“The handlers out on the tarmac can see you eagerly standing right up close to the carousel, so they search for your luggage and put it onto the conveyer belt first,” one of the researchers explained.

“The more space you take up, and the more impatient you look, the more likely the handlers are to see you from their vehicle on the runway 700 metres away”.

Taking your baggage cart with you can make the process even quicker. “We found that taking up vital real estate along the conveyer belt really get things moving more quickly. Taking your cart with you is a great way to make the process smoother”.

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