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Santa Will Leave Lump Of Fair Dinkum Energy In Christmas Stocking If They Don’t Behave, Scott Morrison Warns Kids

Recalling the well-known Christmas story, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the nation’s children to be good in the lead up to Christmas, or risk getting a lump of fair dinkum energy in their stockings.

Asked if he meant ‘coal’, the Prime Minister said, “Yep, fair dinkum energy, that’s right”.

Since becoming Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been unable to use the word ‘coal’ even though he once held an actual lump of it in the nation’s parliament. ‘Fair dinkum energy’ is the term he uses instead because he thinks we’re all dickheads.

Mr Morrison said he was looking forward to relaxing with family this Christmas and listening to the Christmas album from Nat King Fair Dinkum Energy.

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