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Last 5 Years Of Government Was An Administrative Error, Cormann Confirms

The Coalition’s leader in the Senate, Mathias Cornmann has blamed an administrative error as the reason for the past five years of government.

Senator Cormann said the whole thing had been a mix up and admitted the Government had no idea what is was doing. “It slipped through. It shouldn’t have,” Senator Cormann explained.

“As the leader of the government in the Senate, I take responsibility for that error, and I’m sorry that that happened. It is indeed regrettable,” Cormann said.

Cormann did not explain the nature of the administrative error or why the 99 Coalition members of parliament have failed to notice it was a mistake for such a lengthy period of time.

Attorney-General Christian Porter later released a statement on the issue. “Had it been raised directly with me those issues would have been identified.”

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