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Discrimination Is What Jesus Was All About, Morrison Says

Defending the right of Christian schools to discriminate against students and teachers, Scott Morrison said it was entirely appropriate because, when you think about it, discrimination was Jesus’s thing.

“He didn’t just hang out with anybody. He was very choosy when it came to who he associated with – he was famous for it,” Morrison said.

The PM said that if Jesus were alive today, he would be campaigning strongly for the right to discriminate. “At its heart, Jesus’s message was that you should think very carefully about who you show compassion towards. I think it makes sense that Christian schools follow that lead”.

Morrison said Jesus was well known for his picky attitude. “His mates didn’t call him ‘Judgy Jesus’ for nothing. What did he used to say? ‘Love your neighbour after you’ve done a thorough check to ascertain their sexuality’”.

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