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Turnbulls Move Out Of Cramped, Dingy 8-Bedroom Prime Minister’s Residence

Saying they were looking forward to having their own space again, the Turnbulls today started moving out of their poky little 8-bedroom apartment, ‘The Lodge’, and back to their permanent Point Piper house.

“It’s a silver lining,” Lucy Turnbull explained. “Malcolm losing the Prime Ministership was disappointing, but then so was having just the one bathroom each”.

Mr Turnbull said the couple basically lived on top of each other for the past three years. “We’ve had to share a kitchen, which is cute I guess. There’s a charm to the place that’s for sure”.

The former Prime Minister said The Lodge was decorated with paintings from prominent Australian artists. “Not many houses are lucky enough to have four Drysdales in the one residences. And this house certainly isn’t that lucky. Just the two as it turns out”.

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