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Scott Morrison Gives Ministers Rupert Murdoch Pins To Remind Them Which Side They’re On

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given each of his ministers a Rupert Murdoch pin to attach to their lapel, as a daily reminder of who they’re here to serve.

“I’m on the side of Rupe, that’s what I’m saying to myself, that’s who I think about first,” Mr Morrison said, looking down at the little bald face on his suit jacket.

“Whenever I’m faced with a tough decision or a tricky challenge, I look down and say ‘What would Rupert do?’ The answer always comes to me straight away. Often via a text message from New York”.

Mr Morrison said this was a new generation of government. “We’re going to get electricity prices down. We’re going to increase jobs. We’re going to roll out a broadband policy that makes no sense,” he told journalists.

Ministers said the Rupert pin was a nice initiative. “We shouldn’t need a reminder, but it never hurts,” one minister said. “The phone number for Rupert’s PA printed on the back is a nice touch too. It saves so much time,” one minister said.

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