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Malcolm Turnbull: “I Can Hold My Head High Knowing I Always Stuck To Other People’s Principles”

Malcolm Turnbull has given an emotional speech to the press gallery, saying he can leave Parliament proud that he always stood up for what other people believed in.

“You’ve got to stand for something in this job. And I certainly stood for many things, depending on what day of the week it was and who was pulling the strings,” he said.

Despite constant turmoil and disruption, Mr Turnbull said he was proud that he always stuck to other people’s core beliefs.

“You’ve got to have guts; you’ve got to have vision. I had vision. Tony’s vision. Peter’s vision. Eric’s vision. Name a person’s vision, I shared it. That’s what’s important”.

He said his personal principles were never compromised. “Look, I never had any so, no, they weren’t compromised”.

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