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Josh Frydenberg Announces Leadership Challenge, Citing ‘Need For Change’

Announcing plans for a leadership spill today, Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg said Scott Morrison has not delivered for Australia and that it was time for a fresh approach.

“Scott Morrison has served this country admirably and with dignity. But if you look at the polls, if you listen to what people are saying on the streets, clearly, we need to act,” Mr Frydenberg said.

One Frydenberg backer said the time was right for a challenge. “There’s a growing feeling in the party room that we need to act now. Morrison had a good crack; but he’s had the entire weekend and clearly he hasn’t turned things around. We can’t let this linger on and on”.

Mr Frydenberg confirmed he had the support of the party room, who saw him as a steady hand. “What the Liberal Party needs, what Australia needs right now is stability. And that’s what I can offer,” Frydenberg said.

Kevin Andrews said he would start garnering support to overthrow Frydenberg on Tuesday.


With Andrew Hamylton

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