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Dutton Installed With ‘Smile’ Software Upgrade, As Leadership Speculation Grows

In what some say is a sign that Peter Dutton is preparing for a leadership challenge, the Home Affairs Minister was today installed with the ‘Authentic Smile™’ software plugin – one of a spate of recent upgrades.

The plugin will allow Mr Dutton to smile in ‘a human-like way’, as he seeks approval from colleagues and the media in the lead up to a likely challenge. “It’s very lifelike. It almost looks natural,” a Dutton staffer said.

Mr Dutton – who worked as a lamppost before entering politics – is said to be experimenting with different types of smiles. “It takes some getting used to – you have to remember to activate it each morning,” the staffer said.

Sources say Mr Dutton has had less luck installing the more complex Empathy software, but hopes to have it up and running in time for next year’s election.

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