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Reef Foundation Finally Reveals How It Will Use $444 Million To Reverse Coral Bleaching

Following weeks of speculation, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has revealed the complex technique it will use to bring colour back to the world’s largest reef.

Many have criticised the Foundation for its lack of size and experience, but a spokesperson said its ideas revealed a sophisticated and well thought-out plan for using the $444 million grant.

“We’re going to staple the cash directly to the dying coral,” the spokesperson explained. “We could’ve saved money and just used fivers, but we wanted to utilise the full vibrancy of the Australian currency. Divers will be able to see a mix of beautiful blue tens, stunning red twenties, and the glorious yellows and greens of our fifties and hundreds”.

Coalition spokesperson Josh Frydenberg said he was always confident the Foundation knew what it was doing.

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