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Explosive New Tape Reveals One Time Trump Didn’t Pay For Sex

A new secret recording has emerged revealing a conversation between US President Donald Trump and an unnamed woman, in which Trump appears to get laid without money changing hands.

In the recording, Trump starts to negotiate payment as usual, but there is no clear evidence that a payment is actually made.

Republicans have been quick to denounce the recordings, saying it is clearly a fake. “This is ridiculous. Trump has never got sex without paying. It goes against everything he stands for. I know that, Americans know that,” Speaker Paul Ryan said.

If true, the explosive recording could dramatically alter perceptions of Mr Trump. “This is not the President I voted for,” one Arizona man said.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the recording was ‘open to interpretation’ and assured Americans that Mr Trump actually did pay for the encounter, but only after the recording stopped.

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