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Barnaby Joyce Furious As Intrusive Journalists Come Right Into His Living Room!

Saying enough was enough, Barnaby Joyce has again called for journalists to respect his privacy, after he arrived home last night to find a camera crew and interviewer actually set up and waiting in his living room.

“It’s absurd” Mr Joyce said during a press conference this morning. “We’ve had drones, we’ve had reporters. But this is a whole new level. Again and again I’ve asked for the media to respect Vikki and my privacy, and yet here we have a team from Channel 7 actually set up in my own house! Where do they draw the line?”

Mr Joyce and Ms Campion talked with the Channel 7 reporter for an hour, explaining how their privacy was being breached. “Eventually they left,” Joyce said.

The couple has reportedly accepted a $150,000 payment from Channel 9 to tell their side of the story in a tell-all interview about the interview.

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