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Kelly O’Dwyer Refuses To Tell Barista What Coffee She’ll Have This Morning

In an excruciating exchange at a Canberra café morning, Coalition minister Kelly O’Dwyer said she would not be drawn on whether she wanted a flat white or a latte.

Asked again and again what her order was, Ms O’Dwyer said, “Why aren’t you asking Bill Shorten those questions? There is no question I’ve made the right decision in coming to get a this coffee this morning”.

Over the twenty minute exchange, the barista asked O’Dwyer nearly ten times to just tell him what the f*ck she wanted.

“I’ve answered your question,” O’Dwyer said.

“Um, no you haven’t,” the barista replied.

The exasperated café attendant then said, “Let me try it another way. Would you like a large or a small”.

“I’m actually obsessed with fixing these types of problems,” O’Dwyer answered.

At the time of publication no coffee had been ordered.

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