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Australians Slowly Return To Regular Lives As Trinity Grammar Disaster Finally Resolved

Australians can at last move on and begin the healing process after the resolution of a two-week-long hair-cutting incident at a Melbourne school.

The two torrid weeks took their toll on ordinary Australians, with many still coming to terms with the fact a higher school teacher lost his job and was then reinstated.

The event consumed the nation, with 11,000 separate media stories written about the saga. “We can now get back to reading about more frivolous things like the war in Syria,” one relieved Australian said. “It was touch and go there for a while”.

He said the country would grow from the experience. “From adversity comes strength. Or, as a private school motto might say, ‘Tenacitas per aspera’”.

The 400 journalists covering the story are now without work.

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