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New Facebook Privacy Setting Allows Users To Stop Posting Intimate Details Of Their Personal Life

New privacy controls on Facebook will allow users to decide whether or not to post details of their relationship status, shopping preferences, private thoughts and innermost personal details.

The sweeping changes will also give users the option not to post details of their children and other loved ones.

In a statement today, Facebook said the feature had always been available, but admitted it hadn’t always been obvious how to enact it. “This update means users have total control over what they post,” the statement read.

To enact the changes, users simply need to open a browser, click on their Facebook page and then not post intimate details of their personal life.

Despite the changes, some users have complained the privacy setting is confusing and too difficult to turn on. “The setting may exist, but to use it you to follow a very complex process of enacting willpower and common sense,” one user said. “I don’t think many people will use it”.

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