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Turnbull Hits Back At Criticism Of His Home’s NBN Connection: “14 Of The Bedrooms Don’t Have Internet Connectivity At All!”

Responding to reports that his harbour-side mansion had been specially connected to high-speed NBN, Malcolm Turnbull today pointed out that more than a dozen bedrooms, and at least one of the kitchens, are without internet connection altogether.

Asked what his message was to Australians who were still waiting for the NBN while he enjoyed a 100mbps plan, Mr Turnbull said, “I know how they feel”.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than ducking off to the butler’s quarters to get some work done, and then remembering that the new wi-fi doesn’t reach that far yet. So yep, I get it”.

Responding to a question from a small business owner who said he couldn’t download the files he needed run his office, Mr Turnbull said, “Have you tried the third study? I find the reception is often better there. Or, at a pinch, you could always go down to the entertainment room”.

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