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“I Don’t Want Sympathy” Joyce Says In Interview Designed Solely To Generate Sympathy

In a lengthy interview set up by his media team in order to change public perceptions and show a more human side to the story, Barnaby Joyce says he is certainly not looking for sympathy.

“I haven’t set up an interview in my home with my new partner, with a photo shoot of me holding a tea-towel just to win some kind of cheap sympathy,” Mr Joyce said.

“I just want people to look at the facts. And also the photos of a regular guy just trying to do his best, in a run-of-the-mill home, like any other ordinary Aussie bloke.

“We’re just looking for a bit of privacy. To be off the front pages of the newspapers,” he told the national media organisation.

He said this wasn’t about trying to win fans or gain compassion. “All I want is for people to hear my story and think, ‘that could be me’. But no, I’m not after any sympathy.


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