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Fucking The Electorate Still OK, PM Says

Malcolm Turnbull has clarified his controversial ‘sex ban’, saying screwing the general public was still well within ministerial guidelines.

“Let me be clear – this is a tweak to the guidelines, not an overhaul. So, yes, obviously the cabinet will still be free to f*ck its constituents as they see fit,” he told journalists today.

“F*cking members of the public is a practice that’s very much part of the culture. So it would be unrealistic to expect that we could somehow monitor every time that the electorate gets screwed.

“If this whole issue has taught us anything, it’s that we know how to put our interests ahead of those of the public”.

Labor, the Greens and minor parties have all stated they have no intention of pushing for reform on the issue.


By Glenn Matheson and Ralph Mason

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