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People Outraged That Date Of Music Countdown They Don’t Listen To Has Changed 

Angry people around the country who don’t listen to the Hottest 100 on January 26 are furious that they’ll now not listen to it on a different date. 

A livid John Malley of Sydney demanded the date remain the same. “I can’t stand Triple J. I never listen to that junk. Why didn’t they consult me before they moved their annual countdown?” he said.

Brett Higgins from Brisbane was also irate at the broadcaster’s decision. “I despise that station; I always avoid listening to it on Australia Day. What am I going to avoid listening to on Australia Day now?” he fumed. “It’s unAustralian. Our founding fathers would’ve never shifted the date of a radio countdown show”.

A Facebook group of angry bogans who don’t listen to Triple J said they planned to boycott the station.

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