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Donald Trump Uses Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit To Write Down All The Words He Knows

Twitter’s increased character limit has been met with a mixed response so far. But its most famous user is said to be ecstatic, telling aides he can now use all of the words – including the big ones – in one tweet.

Mr Trump sent out his first tweet in the new format this morning, listing all the words he knows. Although as one user pointed out, he included the words ‘great’ and ‘golf’ twice. Mr Trump knows 37 words, including half of his wife’s name.

Great, Sad, Crooked, Hillary, Me, I, Lock, Her, Up, Putin, Win, Won, Loser, Big Loser, Lying, Weak, Strong, Bad, Very Bad, Good, Very Good, Great, So Great, Tremendous, Incredible, Covfefe, Terrible, Big, Very Big, Biggest Ever, Golf, Ratings, Golf, Donald, Trump, Fake News, Mela

The post was retweeted more than sixty-two thousand times.


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