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Trump Shows Off Stylish New Trump Windbreaker™ Product Line At Puerto Rico Hurricane Shelter

US President Donald Trump has used the opportunity of a trip to Puerto Rico to spread awareness of his fabulous Trump Windbreaker product line.

Killing two birds with one stone, the President visited a shelter yesterday to offer support to victims of the recent hurricane as well as an easy three-instalment payment plan for the stylish new jackets.

“What we are seeing here is truly terrible,” he said to a crowd of volunteers and emergency service workers.

“Think about how much easier it would be with the best in weather protection clothing.”

Throwing paper towels to hurricane victims, Trump impressed the crowd with displays of the jacket’s flexibility and resilience in multiple body movements. He also took the time to speak to victims of the hurricane.

“I’ve lost my house too. I’ve had to shift elsewhere; I know what it’s like,” he said.

He told one woman who had lost her life savings not to give up hope. “You should consider investing something; a product that lasts,” Trump responded, patting her back reassuringly and allowing her to feel the texture of the jacket.


By Martin Ingle 

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