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Family Reliant On Government Hand-outs To Have Third Child

In a decision that many are labelling irresponsible, a Kensington couple who only two years ago had their second child, is to have another, despite relying on welfare to get by.

“I don’t want to sound harsh, but shouldn’t they be thinking about how they’re going to pay for the first two, before popping out another?” one furious London resident told the Daily Mail.

This is just another example of benefit cheats taking us for a ride. I’m sorry, having kids is lovely, but don’t expect us taxpayers to fork out to pay for them”.

Further investigations have revealed that the father comes from a family where welfare dependence is engrained. Social worker Jenny Bridgeworth said she had discovered a pattern of taxpayer reliance in the family stretching back generations. “I feel sorry for them. You see this a lot. He’s grown up knowing no other way”.

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