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Soaring House Prices Forcing Millennial Lego Figures To Live In Box Under Owner’s Bed

An increasing number of young Lego figurines can’t even afford a simple plastic brick apartment, new research shows.

As housing prices continue to skyrocket, many Lego Millennials have been forced into temporary accommodation under their owner’s bed, or in some cases, on the floor in the hallway.

C45102, a Lego figurine in Coburg, said the days of large properties with boats, helicopters or even spaceships out the front – not uncommon for his parent’s generation – were now well and truly over.

“My parents had a 96 square centimetre block of plastic grass in the backyard. I can’t even save for a deposit on a windowless 3×3 block apartment,” he said.

He said he had heard stories of up to 12 Lego figures cramming into one small house to save on rent. “In some cases the houses are unfinished or falling into disrepair – one I heard of didn’t even have a roof. It’s a massive problem”.


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