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Earth Named Universe’s Most Liveable Planet For 2 Billionth Year Running

Earth has been named the most liveable planet in the universe for the 2 billionth year in a row.

The annual report by The Economist, which provides a ranking of all planets, said Earth offered great access to jobs, public transport, cafes, and oxygen. “It’s such a unique mix. You really can’t find it anywhere else,” the report said.

Jenny Koh, who has lived on earth for her entire life, said she loved the mix of lifestyle options, cultural activities and water. “I’d never even consider living anywhere else,” she said.

For Andrew Cuppen, his reason for choosing to live on earth was simple. “It’s the unique atmosphere of the place. The way it traps heat, shields the planet’s surface from harmful radiation and provides the chemicals needed for life – it’s so great. I’d die if I had to live anywhere else”.

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