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Evidence Mounts Of New Zealand Interference In Australian Election

The kiwis might be f*cking with us, it has been revealed.

New evidence presented yesterday suggests the New Zealand government planted a barely coherent, erratic middle aged man into the Australian Parliament, to destabilise the Australian government.

It is alleged New Zealand supported the man as he rose all the way to Deputy Prime Minister. It is unclear how he managed to rise so high up the ranks without being spotted.

It is unclear how the man escaped the attention of authorities for so long.

Experts are not certain whether New Zealand’s plan was purely destabilisation, or whether they were also just after a laugh at Australia’s expense. That the man once promoted the murder of a Hollywood star’s dog, suggests the latter may be true.

It is also alleged New Zealand planted a Greens senator into the government, although it appears as if this man had absolutely no impact at all on the nation.

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