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Trump Restless As North Korea Briefing Ambles Past 30 Second Mark

Tapping his fingers on the table and looking impatiently around the room, US President Donald Trump asked if things could perhaps be sped up a little, as the briefing on the military threat of North Korea crept towards its second minute.

“Ok, time to wind this up,” he interrupted, as one of the nation’s leading North Korea experts began to lay out the background for a potential military strike.

Those present at the meeting said Mr Trump became more and more agitated, at one point raising his eyebrows and looking at his watch as a second person began to put forward an expert opinion.

As a signal that perhaps this never-ending meeting was dragging on well past its allotted time, Mr Trump began packing up his note book and phone, before finally standing up and walking out the door.

The President will use the intel from the briefing to determine whether or not to strike Pyongyang tomorrow.

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