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Growing Global Inequality Driven By 7.52 Billion People Not Being Billionaires, Experts Say

The growing problem of global inequality could be solved overnight if 7.52 billion people did the right thing and came billionaires, a new study suggests.

The authors of the study said that inequality had become worse over the past decades as more people failed to inherit massive wealth, set up tax-avoiding offshore businesses, or co-found Google.

“The problem seems complex. But all it would take is the world’s remaining non-billionaires to admit that there’s an inequality problem and take some simple steps to do something about it,” one of the researchers said.

He said the report showed a ‘deeply disturbing picture’ of growing inequality. “At this rate we may well wind up with all but a tiny fraction of the world’s population amassing virtually all of its inequality”.


By Terry Beuler 

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