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CLOSE Launches New ‘Select All’ Function, To Allow Users To Sign All 83 Million Petitions At Once

Concerned citizens will now be able to more easily make a real impact on the issues that matter to them, with a new function that allows them to automatically sign every past, present, and future petition on Change.Org

Describing it as ‘set-and-forget’, a spokesperson said the organisation was responding to the needs of busy millennials who want to make a real difference.

“With just one click you’ll be making a genuine, grassroots contribution to stopping racism, sexism, homophobia, mining, brain cancer, the Middle-Eastern conflict, and out-of-control hospital parking fees,” she said.

“That’s what I call doing your bit for positive social change!”

The innovation was developed after 40 million people signed a petition calling for the company to make it easier to sign online petitions.

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