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New Paleo Bars Replicate The Convenience And Packaging Of Stone-Age Snack Foods

A new range of paleo bars replicate the ease, convenience and colourful packaging that cavemen would have been accustomed to, the products’ manufacturers say.

Available in single serves or handy 6-pack boxes – just as in Palaeolithic supermarkets – the new bars are available in a range of stone-age flavours like Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Raison.

“One of the things we’ve lost in our modern diet is the ability to buy small, handy bite-sized meals to snack on now, or put in our pocket or handbag for later,” the company’s spokesperson said.

“This is the perfect quick snack for when you’re on the run, or when that mammoth is taking a little too long to cook”.

Paleo adherents will be pleased to know that, like their stone age ancestors, they will be able to source the food from their local area. “They’re available in your local Coles and Woolworths – hunt for them in the health food aisle”.


By James Schloeffel and Mark Rogan


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