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“I Can’t Function In The Morning Without Telling People How Dependent I Am On Coffee”

Melbourne woman Lucy Bailey literally can’t get going in the morning until her third, or sometimes even fourth, conversation about coffee.

“My first conversation about how tragically dependent I am on coffee hardly hits the sides,” Bailey said. “It’s usually not until my third that I’m ready to face the day. Ahh!”.

“Sometimes I’ll just be sitting at my desk and I’ll shout out ‘I need to tell someone about how I need another coffee hit, guys!’ And everyone will laugh because the word ‘hit’ makes it sound like it’s a hard coredrug like heroin, when actually it’s just a bit of caffeine.

She says some people understand her addiction. “This morning Geoff from accounts came up to me and said, ‘I need another conversation about coffee,” and I said “Tell me about it! I’ve had five already and I’m about to have another one!’ So we got a few people together and went downstairs to talk about it some more”.

She says some people just don’t understand. “Lex in HR says she can’t handle a conversation about coffee after about 1pm. Lightweight!”

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