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Parents, Remember To Tell Your Child They’re A High Quality Person Today

In the hustle and bustle of modern daily life, it can be easy to forget the simple power of words.

So make it part of your daily routine to let your kids know you’ve made an unbiased assessment of their worth.

Whether it’s at night before you tuck them into bed, or on the phone if you live apart, telling your child they’re a ‘high quality person’ is the kind of glowing assessment that makes them feel safe and secure, for now.

Those three little words mean so much to your child. Especially if they’re named after you and live with the daily reminder that they’ve never really lived up to your expectations.

To really boost their self esteem, remember to remind them once in a while that you think they’re ‘transparent’. It shows you trust them come hell or high water, subject to legal advice of course.

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