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Experts Warn Against Saying ‘Fidget Spinner’ In A Kiwi Accent

Saying ‘fidget spinner’ in a New Zealand accent could lead to a dramatic drop in productivity, experts have warned.

Workplace consultant John Greggory said that while it was tempting to say fidget spinner in the voice of our cross Tasman cousins, those who did so could kiss goodbye to getting any work done for the rest of the day. “My suggestion? Resist, resist, resist,” he said, in a Kiwi accent just for fun.

But a spokesperson for New Zealand said they’d had enough of Australians making fun of their accent. “This is hideous. Isn’t it time to get rid of this ridiculous ridiculing? Just put a lid on it. Bin it!”

He compared it to being bullied in the playground. “It isn’t nice for the big kid to be making fun of us is it? We can’t win”.

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