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New Hipster Bar Now Selling Jam In Schooner Glass

A local pub in Bondi has started selling organic, fair trade raspberry jam in schooner glasses, after realising they were throwing away 40 tonnes of jam each year, in order to get the jam jars they needed to serve beer.

Publican Tiison DeGraves said it was one of those light bulb moments. “Here we were scooping out and then throwing away perfectly good locally sourced jams and marmalades, and at the same time we had all these beer glasses just sitting out the back that we’d never used. It really was euthanizing two avifaunae with one stone”.

The jams – which cost $39.95 per schooner, or $44.95 per pint – do not come with any cutlery or service device. “We wanted to keep that natural feel,” DeGraves said.

He said they had sold over 20,000 schooners of jam in the first week. “It’s been huge. We really think this trend is going to spread. Huge pun intended”.


By Peter Crocker


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