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Criminal Activity Higher Among Those Born With Pixelated Faces, Study Finds

Children born with pixelated faces are up to seven times more likely to rob a bank or be part of a real estate scam in adulthood, a multi-year Australian study has found.

The study followed 2,000 Australians from childhood to maturity, and discovered a strong causal link between the amount of face pixelation at birth and criminal involvement later in life.

The explosive findings are devastating for parents of pixelated-faced children. While qualified Photoshop experts say some ‘cleaning up’ can be achieved, a full cure for pixilation is yet to be found. Controversially, some experts are now saying pixilation could be tested for before birth.

Dr Robert Klein, who oversaw the study, said further research was required to test whether the link extended to children born with a black rectangle over their eyes.


By Daniel Brewster

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