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Schapelle Corby Confronted By Appalling Media Frenzy, Media Frenzy Reports

Hundreds of journalists and photographers have described the scene of hundreds of journalists and photographers trying to get a glimpse of Schapelle Corby as ‘chaotic’ and ‘hysterical’.

One clown described the scene as ‘a circus’.

“Corby is now just simply trying to get on with her life, away from the eyes of the media,” a Channel 7 reporter said from a motorbike chasing the Corby entourage down a back alley. He said that some in the media were chasing the Corby entourage by motorbike down back alleys. “It really is a frenzy,” he said.

A Channel 9 reporter said some journalists had gone as far as booking themselves onto Corby’s flight. “We’ll have exclusive images from that flight soon,” he said.

Media organisations across the country have sent half their news crews to cover the Schapelle Corby story. The other half have been sent to cover the news crews covering the Schapelle Corby story.

More as the story unfolds.

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