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Pauline Hanson Surprised To Learn ASIO And Asia Not Same Thing

Pauline Hanson got all worked up by ASIO last week. But we think she may have just been getting our intelligence agency confused with Asia. After all, she really hates Asia. Can you tell the difference? Take our quiz!

The following statements apply to either Asia or ASIO. See if you can tell which!

  1. My leader answered your inane questions in the senate recently.  ASIO. Fun fact, Asia doesn’t have a leader. It’s comprised of many different countries and regions, each with their own separate governing bodies.

  2. I’m the largest continent on Earth and I even have a few Muslim countries. Asia. Cheeky side note – ASIO isn’t a continent at all! It’s not even a country. Weird, we know!

  3. I’m an organised intelligence agency, kinda the opposite of One Nation. Wait for it…ASIO. That’s right! ASIO is a spy group, kinda. They know stuff.

  4. I have two A’s in my name. Not three, not one. Two. It’s Asia! Helpful way to remember – one at the start, one at the end. Also, rarely all capitalised outside of YouTube comments rants.

  5. You mentioned me as a danger in your maiden speech to Parliament. Asia! To our knowledge you haven’t warned against ASIO yet, at least not intentionally.

  6. We have people everywhere. Asia again! ASIO might have some people in some of the places, but Asian people can be found in most places. Just like other people.

  7. I’m located primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. Yep, it’s Asia. The Northern Hemisphere is the one Australia isn’t in.

  8. I’m comprised of over 4 billion people! ASIO keeps the number of operatives pretty tight and secretive, but you can bet it’s nowhere near the population of the continent, Asia.

  9. Most of us are in Australia. ASIO! As an agency based in Australia, most of us are here. This is a crucial distinction! You could say we’re being swamped by ASIO.

  10. I’m an acronym, and not a continent with 54 separate countries and even more than that in spoken languages. It’s……..Asia! Some folks get tripped up here, but just remember – if it’s a relatively small intelligence organisation, and not a gigantic landmass, it’s probably ASIO.

How’d you go?

9-10 Congrats! You’re an expert in telling the difference between ASIO and Asia.

7-8 You could definitely tell them apart at a police lineup, but there are some subtle nuances that evade you.

3-6 You’re certainly not clueless about it, but it might be time to hit the books. Or perhaps a 5 second Google search.

0-2 You may be Pauline Hanson.


By Rei Barker

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