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This Millenial Turned An Avocado Into A One-Bedroom Apartment And Now Has A Mortgage Of Just $18

Meet Daniel Jacobson, the 25 year-old engineering graduate who turned a plate of smashed avocado on toast into a cosy one-bedroom apartment in South Yarra.

Putting paid to the notion that you can’t have your smashed avocado and eat it, Mr Jacobson said he got the idea when he was eating brunch at his local café.

“People were telling me I wouldn’t be able to buy my first home if I kept eating avocado on toast. But then I realised I had all the ingredients right in front of me”.

Using the skills he learnt during his degree, Jacobson used the toast to create the four walls of his apartment, and the avocado skin as the roof. “I used a bit of feta to decorate the lounge room,” he says. The pip, which he retrieved from the café’s bin, is now a feature piece in the entranceway.

And the avocado flesh itself? Daniel used some to paint the walls, but has enough left over to enjoy a free brunch every day this month.

Jacobson says young people need to be more creative in the way the approach the housing market. “A $150,000 deposit may seem off limits. But a plate of avocado on toast is usually under $20. You do the maths”. He’s now working on a way to turn his daily latte into a holiday home.

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