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George Calombaris Admits He Paid Staff Peanuts: “Lightly Salted Peanuts With A Blueberry And Caramel Sauce”

Controversial MasterChef judge George Colombaris has defended allegations he paid his restaurant staff peanuts, saying they were the most beautifully presented and delicious peanuts in the industry.

A fired up Calombaris showed journalists the peanuts he paid, saying they were second to none. “Have a look at these peanuts. The way they’re plated. The subtle mix of flavours. The textures. Just gorgeous,” he said.

He said he gave them a ten. “Sure, you might get more peanuts working at McDonalds, but they won’t come with a blueberry and caramel jus”.

The chef – who owns 11 restaurants in Australia – said all of his peanuts were locally sourced. “They’re crunchy, they’re full of flavour, and if you come work for me, you’ll get about seven an hour,” he said.

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