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Michaelia Cash Insists Low Income Workers ARE Often Found In High Income Households. “Take My Cleaning Staff”

Coalition Senator Michaelia Cash has hit back at claims she can’t name any low income workers in high income households, saying her personal chef Roberto and cleaners Voula and Jennifer are three she can name just off the top of her head.

The Government raised eyebrows yesterday when it claimed in its submission to the Fair Work Commission that many minimum wage earners were actually found in high income households. But Senator Cash said the claim was self evident.

“Between us my husband and I earn over $400k, and yet at any given time we have half a dozen people on the minimum wage in our household. So really, I don’t know why the claim was seen as so ludicrous”.

Pushed further to put a figure on just how many people fit into the category, Cash said she didn’t have the total number in front of her.

“Let’s see – there’s also Jessie our nannie, Richie our gardener, and I can’t remember the name of my household coordinator, but it’ll come to me. Let me get back to you”.

She recommended a cautious approach to increasing the minimum wage. “For every dollar that the minimum wage increases, I’m up for an extra $80 a day in costs – so I urge the commission to not let things spiral out of control,” she said.

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