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Melbourne Café’s ‘Deconstructed Cheesecake’ Now Just A List Of Ingredients And A Coles Voucher

A café in Melbourne’s inner north has ‘reimagined’ the cheesecake, serving up a supermarket voucher and a list of ingredients scrawled on a notepad, in a trendy new take on the classic dessert.

Customers are given directions to the nearest Coles and told to go home and make the dish themselves, making it the ultimate deconstructed dish.

Café owner Hamilton White said diners were crying out for more innovative and interactive experiences in their dining, and he was responding to that demand.

“Having a restaurant prepare a whole dish for you is quite old fashioned. It’s very predictable. Even the traditional ‘deconstructed’ dish is a bit done. So what we’re doing is pushing the idea further. It’s fun, it’s quirky. It’s now,” he said.

White said one of the delights of the concept was that no two dishes were the same. “The cheesecake I make as a qualified cook with 11 year’s experience is going to be very different from the one you’ll make yourself without the proper tools. That’s half the fun. There’s no right or wrong. It’s all about you and your vision”.

The diners we spoke to had mixed reactions about the new concept. Sarah Belmon said it was quirky and fun. Xavier Jenna said it was a fucking waste of his time.

The dish costs $25 and includes an $8 supermarket voucher.

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