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Hollywood Stars Bravely Emerge From Gated Mansions To Speak Out Against Trump’s Wall

Saying the US President should build peace not walls, a swathe of celebrities made the brave move to step beyond their gated Hollywood estates last night in a show of solidarity with Mexican immigrants.

“We don’t need a barbed-wire fence on the US Mexico border. All that does is create division and animosity. And besides, barbed wire is ugly – a brushed sandstone wall with a slim-line steel gate, complemented with a tasteful CCTV system is much more elegant,” one actor said.

A leading director agreed, saying that Mexicans were undervalued and much maligned. “Mexicans make America stronger, and they made my reinforced 8-foot security wall stronger too. Let’s not forgot that,” he said to cheers.

The celebrities have since returned to the safety of their houses and will emerge again at the Golden Globes next year.

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